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What if you did not read this?

How do you decide whether an opportunity is worth your time, energy, and possibly investing your life to it?

When I had the opportunity to travel to North Korea, I knew that not accepting would forever beg the question “what if?”. When I dated my beautiful wife, and the question “What if she wasn’t in my life?” caused me to panic, I knew I wanted to marry her. No need to explain further when I had the opportunity to run Coppes Napanee, the oldest continuously operating woodworking company in America.

And now for the big question. What if you would not have taken the time to read this small little blog post? You would have had two minutes of your life to do something else. You would never have discovered that this post was first of all a test to see what a blog would look like on our soon to be revamped website. You would not have known that it really is possible to go to North Korea and live out the gospel. Now you know that I actually do think a little bit before I do or not do something.

What if I wrote a blog that gave you insight into a company that was started by two brothers in 1876 and is being reimagined by two brothers today?

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