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With Inset, Full Overlay, or Standard Overlay Cabinets

We offer three distinct styles of cabinets: inset, full overlay, or standard overlay. Each has its unique advantages and provides unlimited design options. We can help you decide which one to choose.

Inset Frame


Inset cabinets offer a flat front and sit flush with the rest of the cabinet. They allow the hinges to be concealed, though they can be left exposed if that’s your desired look. Though you sacrifice some storage space, the clean appearance makes up for it.
Full Overlay Cabinet Coppes

Full Overlay

Full overlay cabinets look similar to inset, but sit outside the cabinet’s frame. They completely cover the cabinet and provide the same flat front that’s so sought after. The doors are hinged to the side of the cabinet box and lay over the edges with no reveal for a sleek, contemporary look.

Standard Overlay Cabinet

Standard Overlay

Standard overlay cabinets leave a gap between the doors, allowing more of the cabinet frame to be visible. This style is more traditional but allows you to use them without hardware as there’s ample room to fit your fingers between each door.

Choose the Option That’s Right for You

Inset, full overlay, or standard overlay. Pre-configured or customized. The options are endless. You can select one of our styles or create your own, from traditional to contemporary.


Inset cabinets offer a traditional design theme in addition to structural stability. However, there is a slight loss of storage space because of the center stile and framed door openings.


Full overlay cabinets provide a simple, sleek aesthetic that will complement any type of interior design theme.


Because full and standard overlay cabinets do not have a center stile, they provide easier access to their contents as well as more space for storage and larger drawers.


An overlay cabinet is more versatile than an inset because it is available in more style options.


These are the very best quality cabinets in the entire United States, made in America by skilled craftsmen. I have had my kitchen cabinets since 1983 and they still look brand new. Recently purchased more.


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