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Hand-Crafted Techniques

Developed Over 140 Years

Whatever your style, we have many options to choose from to create the complete custom kitchen.


Choose between inset, full overlay, or standard overlay cabinets to set the tone for your kitchen’s look and style, whether traditional or contemporary.

Door Styles

We offer a wide range of frame shapes, wood types, paints, and finishes to complement any type of kitchen design.


With our fully customized pullouts and shelving, drawer inserts, and all-wood adjustable compartments, we tailor every cabinet to bring your vision to life.


Distinctive hardware adds a personal touch to your cabinets. Choose from our large selection of drawer guides, hinges, and pulls made exclusively for Coppes Napanee. Or supply your own. The options are endless.

Coppes Kitchen Modern Cabinets
Coppes Cabinets


The style and construction of your cabinets define your kitchen’s look, and the overlay you choose helps create the style. Choose between inset which provides a smooth and clean appearance, and full or standard overlay, both of which offer more storage space while still offering a timeless look.

Cabinet Doors

Unlike other cabinet manufacturers, our cabinet doors are made entirely in-house—leading to quicker turnaround times. There are three elements to consider when selecting the style that is right for you:

Door Shapes

You can express your personal style by choosing among a variety of shapes and styles, including doors with raised, recessed, or flat panels.

Wood Types

From ash to walnut and everything in between, we offer a wide selection of wood species to help create your special look. You can choose a standard wood or upgrade to a premium quality.

Standard Paint & Finishes

There is no limit to the colors and finishes you can choose from to put the finishing touch on your cabinets. If you’re adding to cabinets you already have in your home, we can exactly match existing paints and finishes.

Cabinets created by Coppes


Your choice of hardware really makes a statement. Select your knobs and pulls from our wide range of options, or supply your own. We can also offer insight and expertise on which hardware matches the cabinets best. Alternatively, we offer handles routed directly in the wood, which keeps the design flush and eliminates the need for knobs or pulls.

Warehouse Open Coppes
Warehouse Open Coppes
Coppes assembly process

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Custom Drawer Inserts


Take customization one step further and let us design anything from a special drawer insert or adjustable compartment to a matching range hood cover to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Build Process

We build every aspect of our cabinets, from frames to trimming.

Coppes worker inside warehouse

Step 1 – Frames

Assembled with no screws, with full mortise and route tenon joints, and lengths cut with accurate electronic fences.

Production process Coppes

Step 2 – Panels

Cut on a state-of-the-art Thermwood Cut Center CNC machine, sanded, and joined with tongue and groove and miter lock joints.

Coppes workers

Step 3 – Boxes

Assembled and sanded by expert craftsmen, with hardwood material and half-blind dovetails, and stamped with a hot iron brand.

Door manufacturing process

Step 4 – Doors

Hardwood panels are cut and glued using a unique technique to prevent warping over time, using grain matching.

Coppes assembly process

Step 5 – Assembly

Assembled with wood glue in a standardized, step-by-step process by highly experienced assemblers according to 3D units.

Work on cabinet component surface

Step 6 – Sanding & Inspection

Hand sanded under bright lights to remove imperfections and closely inspected for correct fit.

Coppes paint process

Step 7 – Finish Department

For paint: multiple tinted primer coats and scuff sanded for a smooth finish.

For stain: stained and protected with primer and topcoat for lasting sheen and color.

Fit for installation process

Step 8 – Trimming

Hinges, drawer glides, drawers, doors, and other hardware are installed. The finished project is set up to ensure fit for installation.


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