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Coppes Napanee is a very professional, high-end cabinet builder that I have had the privilege of working with on several occasions. Every time I had the opportunity to meet with the team at Coppes they were very helpful and easy to work with. Their products are high quality, hand crafted works of art that every employee takes pride in making. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to put heirloom quality cabinets or any other custom hand made wood products in their home.


I have a galley kitchen that has Coppes Napanne cabinets built in 1971, A fire destroyed one half of the galley kitchen. After looking at new cabinets, I was surprised how poorly they were made. I called local cabinet makers but they didn’t match the quality of the existing cabinets. I didn’t know if Coppes Napanne would even consider making my cabinets since they are over 600 miles from me. Brad listened and said they can do it. After sharing a few phone calls, photos, measurements and sending out a cabinet door for a sample they got to work. It was and easy process and such a pleasure working with them, Brad was so accommodating and offered Yesterday the cabinets were delivered by the owner himself! An almost 10 hour drive one way! They told me that they wanted to deliver them rather than use a shipping company to make sure they arrived safe and sound. When Wesley opened the doors of the sprinter van, the cabinets were swaddled like infants, so carefully and lovingly put away for the long trip. The workmanship is the best I’ve seen and match the quality from 50 years ago. It is truly old world craftsmanship. The fact that I could have custom made cabinets from a company 600 miles away amazes me. Even more amazing is that the cabinets are made better than anything I could get locally and they were a little less expensive. I am planning to sell my home next year and I plan to have Coppes Napanne make my new kitchen cabinets. Truly a great family business !


We were very pleased with Malachi’s work and friendly professionalism. We understand that Coppes has high standards, which as a medical professional I can very well appreciate.

George & Jeannine

These are the very best quality cabinets in the entire United States. Made in America by skilled craftsmen. I have had my kitchen cabinets since 1983 and still look brand new. Recently purchased more and with exceptional satisfaction from owners and staff.


We are the second owners of our home. We are pleased the original owners chose Coppes Napanee products for the design and cabinets in our kitchen. 60 years after the initial install the cabinet doors and drawer fronts were showing some wear. I contacted the company and found out that they also do refinishing work at their Napanee shops. Coppes took the doors and drawer fronts, matched the stain color, and refinished the items. We added some new pulls and knobs (suggested by Malachai) and we have a GREAT looking kitchen! The take-out and install of cabinets and drawer fronts went extremely well. The service was excellent, and we felt the pricing was within our budget. We were informed of the progress of the process…..all in all it was a terrific experience working with Coppes and I can highly recommend their company, their product, and their service.


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